Since the time of the earliest man's wonderful walk with God in His garden of fellowship and its abrupt end because of man's willful disobedience, these man's children have been trying to regain this beautiful communion that was lost. After intimacies of loving fellowship, the Holy God had to expel man, that beautiful creation destined for Himself. The "flaming sword" in the hands of His holy one still guards the way into His true Presence.
The creature was created to love and adore and bless the Creator. The absolute inability to do so has frustrated and tormented mankind ever since the light went out. Man's puny religious efforts to tear down this wall of separation has spawned the multitudinous religious systems of the day. He has consistently refused to recognize that it was his sin of wanting to act and live independently of God which raised this sin barrier.
True Christianity is the Presence of God again with man. This is the great purpose revealed in the Old Testament Scriptures and climaxed in the New when Jesus came. God so loved us that He came in Christ, and in His life, death, and resurrection completely restored man to Himself, placing us as sons in a new and heavenly sphere. By a new birth - a new creation - God comes to His place prepared for Him in us.
The price of actually obtaining and living this life of holy, joyful, victorious, adoring Love is so high but so very simple for Him. All is freely offered in His great grace but nothing eternal is cheap. There is His death that must be worked in me daily. There is the discipline over mind and body. I must learn the subjection of all my naturals in the earnest search for the Lord Himself. There must come the horrible revelations of my sinfulness that causes me to humble myself in deep breakings at His feet. Then there is the often very painful circumstances arranged by the Master to sift out my flesh that opposes His perfect will.
In the measure that I come to know deep breakings at His feet and before my brethren and in the honest repentings of my sinful ways before God and man, He pours in of His own life and love. He also teaches me how to put on His beautiful garments of holiness, praise, and adoration.
This is all so vividly portrayed by this young believer to whom the Lord is daily revealing Himself as manifested in these visions. From her recent initial contact with the Lord Jesus, there was given an intense desire for Him until it became a daily, disciplined, all-consuming longing. This culminates in hours of seeking until He can reveal Himself and His great love for her. There is never any seeking of visions or for even His blessings but for the Lord Himself, alone, to love and to adore.
The Lord's highest purpose is a people brought unto Him for a high, holy, love communion so intimate that for us it can only be likened unto the marriage union. He takes these from the base and despised of this world - those who became great sinners in their own eyes as well as His. By one personal experience after another with the Lord these are cleansed, delivered, and brought unto Him.
The Lord will jealously go to no ends to release His chosen ones from that which steals time and attention from Him. This is the Bride for which He came to sanctify and clothe to present unto Himself without spot or blemish.
The same Lord is now very really reaching out in tender and holy yearnings for His own. At the same time there is put into motion all the awesome activity of the Godhead to put down His enemies beneath His feet. To separate His own unto Himself, these visions denote the use of tremendous operations of every means: adverse and afflicting circumstances; persecutions; demon forces; supernatural signs. All of this is so amply confirmed by the Scripture.
A peculiar significance of these revelations is that these are the last days for man's reign! More clearly than ever before He is saying, "Get ready now! Stop all activity that isn't wholly from Me, by Me, and for Me!"... (Especially the religious.) Let repentance and a broken spirit before Him be the normal place for love to break forth! Be clothed with Christ and His transforming, all-covering love as the motivation for everything! (It is everything for He is love).
Awake! Awake! For these warnings are to the professing church!
Not everyone that says, "Lord, Lord, shall enter..." nor even all the miracle workers!
"No man can come to Me except he be drawn."
"Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted shall be rooted up."
"It is your own selves you must test to discover whether you are true believers. Examine yourselves. Or do you not know that Jesus Christ is within you unless you cannot stand the test?"(Wey.)
"For the great day of His wrath is come and who shall be able to stand?"
"Judgment has begun at the House of God."
Though these glimpses into that other world are not to teach doctrine, they do confirm God's ways. But for those who rigidly and religiously hold certain particular doctrinal views these might be strong meat.
The true spiritual content and purpose even in these heavenly scenes are hidden from the religiously wise and revealed unto those childlike in spirit. It is this elect company that has been given a glimpse of the Lord and His great love. As a result, these have been struck down by the awful sense of their own sinfulness and complete helplessness apart from Him. Yet enamored with that "Fairest of Ten Thousand", they are being prepared and taught in these divine principles - His ways.
For them there will be found by prayerful contemplation in these last-day visions, blessed invitations and confirmations which will lead into the "banqueting house" of that Altogether Lovely One, "And His banner over me (is) love".
"The marriage of the Lamb is come and His Bride has made herself ready".
"She has been permitted to dress in fine, radiant linen - for the fine linen signifies the righteousness of the saints". (Ampl.)

Jack Schisler


April of 1949 - the month that revival began in Mendoza, Argentina - was also the month that Annie was born. Raised in a cultured home, all went faily well with her until she was about sixteen at which time she entered into a most high state of rebellion and deep estrangement from her family. Going out into the world of sin, she became an actress in the theater where she came up through the ranks until she became the star of her company.
In spite of having everything she wanted in a fairly well-to-do family, and being able to do almost as she pleased, she still found neither love nor happiness. Hounded by the evil spirits of suicide, she attempted to take her life four times and was only spared because God so ordained it. Filled with deep rebellion, restlessness and consuming anxieties, she suffered inexplicable anguish and fear. Her problem was also compounded by cancerous growths that gave her much pain. For many months she could eat almost nothing and was often in intense pain as she was acting out her roles in the theater.
Seeking help in medicine and in psychiatry, her family spent a small fortune but all to no avail. Their desperation increased to the unbearable point after they had exhausted every possible means of help.
Just at this time a cousin invited her to accompany her to a certain church on Sunday morning. Out of courtesy she consented to go, but went in a high spirit of rebellion, dressed in a most flagrant manner. When she entered the church she challenged the pastor to throw her out and made it most clear that she was in no frame of mind to accept anything that he might want to tell her.
It happened that I was visiting the same church that morning, and when the Holy Spirit began to move over the people, He sent me to pray for this stranger who had entered an evangelical church for the first time in her liffe. Being totally agnostic, neither she nor her family knew anything at all about God or the Bible. Yet, from the first moment, God reached out His hand to her. Bowing low in deep repentance, Annie found the first measure of relief she had ever known. Returning to other services she was only partially released, for when she returned to her home all her problems returned just as before.
One Sunday morning several weeks later, God told me that He would bring her to the service that evening and that I was to insist that she return with me to Mar del Plata, for she could not receive full deliverance where she was.
"What an amazing order!" I thought to myself, "when I do not even know the young lady's name."As I talked with her that evening, I learned that her name was Anna Marie (Anna meaning "full of grace"and Marie - "bitterness and rebellion.") When I asked her to come she was thoroughly amazed at the audacity of my demand and presented every possible excuse to keep from going. But even as she talked with me - she told me later - each excuse was refuted by a quiet voice within which convinced her that it was indeed possible for her to go. Surreptitiously packing her suitcase and slipping it out of the house, she quietly left the next morning without advising anyone of her going.
The first night in Peniel, God moved out to her delivering her from the fears and oppressions of the enemy, the spirit of suicide and all the other forces of hell that had bound her life. With great praise, high worship and strong faith as their weapons, the whole student body, together with the ministers, joined joyously and fiercely into the battle. Those evil ones that had raged against the Holy Son and His Spirit were conquered, fleeing before the light and glory of His presence as she cried, "I am free. I felt them all leave!" And, of a truth, free she was.
The next night as we were singing, "Oh, the Blood of Jesus", the Holy Spirit came to her in a glorious new birth. Glory, peace and joy washed into her soul as faith laid hold upon the cleansing stream of blood. Radiating joy she began to sing, dance and glorify the Lord. In a trance the Lord transported her into the heavenlies where she found herself ascending through stratas of light and darkness until she found herself in fullness of light.
The next night as a cleansed and empty vessel she was filled with the Holy Spirit. God so moved upon her in glory waves that she was transported into His presence and ended with peals of laughter - she who had formerly been so filled with anguish - until everyone was laughing gloriously with her. Even though she had never heard them before, she sang all the choruses along with the others as if she had always known them.
Free, clean and filled with the glory of the Lord she moved out to minister to one and another of the needy ones without ever having heard about the anointing that flows out to others. Instinctively she knew, or rather was obedient to the direction of the Holy Spirit within. There was a beautiful deliverance.
Three weeks later God came to her and began a healing of her body. His fire came upon her and in two sessions which lasted about ten hours she was literally operated upon by God, bringing up out of her body great quantities of putrifaction and pieces of the vile growth that had laid hold upon her. Finally, she was almost choked by a part of the growth that was hard, rubbery and white and was about five inches in girth. It seemed that she colud not pass it up through her throat. But the fire of God so increased within her that one young lady who touched her burned her fingers. Suddenly as she made a great effort, this huge growth literally popped through her throat and mouth. Through the operation of the Divine Surgeon upon her small body she brought up some four quarts of putrifaction.
From the very first, her life was one of total commitment and love for her Savior as He placed within her an insatiable desire to seek His presence daily. The Lord told us that she was a very special but fragile vessel and that He had purposes of ministry for her. From the first He took her into His world and showed her things up there. The visions and trances continued for a while before we realized that these were more than normal visions that He gives to any one of His children from time to time. From the beginning as she sought the Lord, giving more and more time to personal, private prayer apart from the regular meetings, God began to take her in an ecstacy into the heavenly world and show her many things. At first He showed her most specific things which in the months that followed took place exactly as He had shown her.
Finally, God spoke to me to write these things down. As I began to do so in obedience to Him, I realized that He was speaking to us in a new and unique way.
It is of special note that Annie had never read the Bible before coming to us, neither has she received any religious teaching of any type. Her lack of knowledge of all that refers to God was total. Nevertheless , the visions are extraordinarily exact and in conformity to Bible teaching. It is also important to note that she never comes willingly or exaltedly to tell her visions, or shows any pride in the telling of them. To the contrary, with an extreme reluctance even involving deep fears, great pain and many tears she brings these things to light. It is also noteworthy that she cannot tell them in a flippant or easy manner. Only after a time of prayer as the presence of the Lord draws near does she even want to talk of them. They are too high and holy to be able to casually put them into the thought and tongue of man. Although they are brought forth in much travail and the pain of that travail, there is a "must" of the Lord laid upon her. She would avoid telling them if she could but she cannot. She also would desire to stay in the heavenlies and not return, but when she asked the Lord about it, He told her that He had healed her because He wanted her to stay here and do a work for Him.
She fears greatly lest she err in any of these things. Knowing so little of the Bible or of its doctrine, she is in great fear and almost panic that somehow she has been mistaken in something, and with great reluctance she brings them forth so that they can be proved. The Lord told her that she must bring them to me so that I may approve and judge them, which she does, bringing everything to light that He shows to her. She is most transparent.
In the earlier days after her conversion, the visions meant nothing at all to her, for she could not even understand the symbolisms, knowing nothing of the Bible or of God's ways. At that time, the only things she knew were what she saw and heard up there. She only knew that He had showed it to her and commanded her to tell it to us. This ignorance brought her great oppressions, but now she has progressed in her knowledge to where God now shows her in a trance and vision a specific church or person. She has traveled with us to minister in those churches and there tells what God shows her regarding that church. This has brought much blessing.
Annie is a very lovely, yet religiously ignorant, child upon whom the hand of the Lord lays heavily. She who before was so filled with rebellion that even the psychiatrists marvelled is now so obedient and submissive unto the Lord and unto us, her pastors, that we often marvel. Because of His word to us to take her into our home as our own daughter, we have watched her life at the closest point of observation - the home. And still she proves out to be just what she is: a genuine prophetess and seeress taught of the Lord who speaks forth the word of the Lord in much fear and trembling. So fearful is she of erring and somehow "missing it" that there has been no room for pride and self-exaltatoin to enter in. God has protected her from this tremendous snare by so filling her with the fear of the Lord and the fear of erring in the things of the Lord that it is actually painful to her spirit and soul and a constant wall about her to save her from herself. Apart from this she is a very normal person for her age. She doesn't walk around with a halo, as it were, nor with a religious holier-than-thou attitude. She likes to play and share life with others normally.
We of the Argentine church who have been privileged to watch her growth in the Lord from the closest vantage point have been edified and inspired by His work in her. Her life is so transparent - she never hides from us what she is thinking or going through, but in honesty and transparency she bares her soul. We have been challenged anew in an even deeper realization of the supreme importance of daily hiding away to seek His presence and to hear His words.
Her growth has not always been easy nor without heavy enemy opposition, directly or indirectly. Nevertheless, the fruit of His work in these few months of her life in Him has drawn us all nearer to the One who for years we have loved, and has given us a fresh and refreshing quickening of the Scriptures which we have read many times. There has come a renewed decision and dedication to seek Him while He may be found and call upon Him while He is near.
This booklet has been prepared with the prayer that the sharing of these visions will cause you to love and seek Him even more, and make even more real that invisible - yet, very real - city to which as pilgrims and strangers we press.
Since the visions have continued, there will shortly be another booklet offered that is a continuation of this same series.

R. Edward Miller


Having filled this young woman with His Spirit, He gave to her a most unique childlike spirit and a great spiritual thirst for Jesus alone. In answer to her thirsting, He began to call her away into His world. In prayer as she would seek His face and pour out her heart before Him, as she would love and adore Him in deep brokenness of spirit, suddenly without any pre-sensations, she would be instantly caught away into His heavenlies and shown wonderful things of the heavenlies and taught glorious things both for her personally and regarding things to come, things concerning the church and His dealings with other lives. Many things are too personal or too high to be told. All things are grossly lowered and almost destroyed by putting them into human words and expressions.
She found great pain even in expressing them to me, her pastor, for they suffered so much to be brought down into speech and thought. The Lord Himself ordered her to tell her pastor everything and this she does in simple obedience but not without great pain and many tears and with the feeling of total inadequacy of finding means of expression for things so high, so holy, so totally unlike anything in this world. So only a faint idea can be conveyed or obtained by these words. Yet because they involve things to come concerning the world and His church and being given the responsibility of receiving these things from her directly, I feel that some things are to be shared.
It is to be remembered that this began directly after her conversion right out of a pagan world in which she had no time for scriptural instruction save in a few basics, so none of her visions are based on a pre-knowledge in the Scriptures of things they at times so closely parallel. I have most carefully examined all these things in the light of my many years of experience and scriptural and spiritual knowledge and find them above question. They are not to be defended, neither taken as some strange dream for the whole spiritual tone of both the recipient and the vision itself raises them to a place of importance in showing forth some hidden things in this last day and age. Not only this, but the total change in the character, personality and spiritual anointing all testify to the validity of the high ways the Lord Himself came to teach her. He that hath ears let him hear.
She is taken away into the heavenlies and shown scenes in which she participates and converses both with the Lord who reveals Himself in constantly changing manifestations, but also at times with the hosts of the many classes of angelic beings who occasionally speak to her directly or converse with their Lord. Many things she hears and understands she cannot remember at all in her natural mind when she is returned from the trance. When she is in a trance so far no noise nor manner has been able to call her back until the Lord releases her. Many other things, however, she is allowed to bring back and tell of that which she hears. However, the things said and forgotten the Lord has told her that when He is ready and the right time comes she will remember them and will tell them.
These wonderful things are told as nearly as humanly possible in the exact words and inflections as told to me in Spanish, using her terms and her manner of comparisons rather than rewriting or changing in any way. These have all been fully checked out by her in careful perusal as there is a holy fear of making any mistake or telling one word of His or one detail that was not seen, described as closely as human words can tell.
These things were told to me in much pain and with many tears as the fear of the Lord was upon her and the glory of the vision so filled her that speech was at times most difficult, even though usually several hours would elapse before we could find a quiet time for conversing. After the evening service and the typical late supper, we would meet in our home and there she would slowly, laboriously and tearfully bring forth into human speech these high and holy things.
She stated that before telling them they remained back low in her being, not even in her memory, like she could recall other things, but that somehow when she made the effort she could sort of see deep within her like a replay. He had told her to tell these things and also told her that He would watch to see if it was correctly told. At one time she held back a difficult part and could not sleep, feeling deep condemnation till the next day when she could unburden her soul.
However, once they are told, they then come into her natural mind and then she can talk about them all she pleases without the slightest trouble and all objectively. But the first telling is totally subjective and she bares her very inner being and at times prayer must be made together that she find strength and ways to be able to bring these things to light in our human world. She is always most reluctant to discuss these things, even refrains from thinking from thinking upon them and lives a very normal, vivacious, happy life apart from these things. There is never the slightest display of any self shown in bringing them forth but to the contrary with the greatest reluctance and timidity and self-effacement which gives yet another true mark of their veracity.
The language used is very limited and simple and it is her own words, translated directly into English as exactly as will make sense. For this reason and for the emotional and subjective manner brought forth will account for stilted and at times unliterary expressions. Nor is this an attempt to write a book, but rather to give an accurate record of things shown graphically and wonderfully to a simple hearted child who is too new in Him to have ever heard or read them before.


A few observations of what she is shown may be of help. She is carried into a world where all things are alive. She explains it as if the life even in trees, stones, water or materials is so manifest that it would be as if the human body were transparent and the very life processes were visible within. Only in that world even that is a poor comparison, for life is so totally different from our world.
All things are of light. They radiate it. They are bathed in it and the quality and quantity of this light has a great deal to do with the order of beings the are, or with the order of importance they are. It is a light so vastly different from the light of our sun that she is incapable of finding any manner to describe it. The light there lives, pulsates, radiates, is soft though outshining any sun or star.
All things there are exceedingly soft and smooth, nothing is harsh nor rough. All things are very sweet and endearing and cause no harsh reactions nor awaken any fears of horror or of anything monstrous even though all are so unlike any beings or things seen in this world. All things are in great harmonious perfection and in perfect harmony with each other. Nothing clashes, nothing is disordered, nothing is dirty or sullied or stained. Even works are done in perfect order and without trash.
All things are of greatest purity and perfection and there is total holiness in all things. So purified and so holy are all things that they are open and transparent. Nothing or no being has anything to fear or to hide, nor would there be any hiding place. No evil of any nature could stand to be in that place. Holiness was evident in every being from the lowest to the highest orders.
Every movement, every word, every thing and parts of things or beings are marked by such harmonious unity and perfection. Everyone there radiates great sweetness. Love is so often and constantly manifested and in such various manners that it is the one dominant note of all things everywhere. It is a love filled with joy and harmony like a great chorus of love manifested constantly and endearingly.
Each time she goes there she is received with such fullness of joy and great tenderness. From the angelic beings there flows forth constantly goodness and purity, purity of thought, of actions, of all intentions in goodness. Their laughter and joy is so celestial that it cannot find comparison here. So lacking any type or kind of mockery, ridicule or scoffer. Even when she asks questions that sound so stupid they laugh but so kindly that she never feels rebuffed nor hurt in the slightest manner. She describes it as a kind of laughter never seen in the world of men, impossible to imitate or describe. Filled with pure love and joy, tender and sweet, the beings there cause neither fear nor shame.
All the movements, whether flying swiftly on outspread wings or in other manner, move with great velocity but with such smoothness and harmony of movement that there is never a harsh maneuver, never a sudden or unthought move. Every movement is as if pre-planned by some great will and wisdom that harmonizes all things together.
The angels laugh, talk and converse among themselves, with Jesus and at times with her but she has never been permitted to remember any words that the angels speak to her. They sometimes have wings and are of many different classes. She has been given to see many different classes of angelic beings and of many various orders of importance. Some are obviously much, much higher than others and all seem to be related to their various functions as will be seen by the visions recounted.
Yet none of these glorious beings are ever comparable to Jesus Himself. He so outshines and out-loves so high above them that they lose both importance and many times even interest at all. One is only conscious that they are there and nothing more. They one and all pale greatly beside the incomparable glory of Jesus Himself. Just as beautiful grapes in a gorgeous arbor that surround a pair of lovers so they lose importance in His Presence. The angelic beings are always the same according to their class and functions but Jesus reveals Himself in ever-changing forms and beauties. Nor does He ever reveal Himself in fullness at any one time for He told her that she could not stand the fullness of that revelation at present.
The many visions have been of ever increasing importance and of ever increasing complexity, beauty and greatness of celestial order. To date, she has been granted many visions and obviously many of these will not be written for the public. Others will be recounted in part as showing forth some special thing regarding the heavenlies or things there. It is important to note that as she is shown various scenes which are the main item of the vision she can see nothing till the Lord orders her to look. When she first looks she sees nothing, but when He says to look the second time she is then enabled to see what He intended for her to see.
Most substances she was given to touch have both form and substance as well as light and life. She could both touch them and carry them if they were small enough, but she could also put her hands clear through them without destroying either their form or substance. She said it could be slightly compared to passing your hand through a ray of light with body, but at the same time you could pick up that ray of light and carry it with you if you so desired.
She found also that she was visible in her earlier visions when they were given on a simpler plane in heaven. But she was exceedingly tiny - about an inch tall but perfectly formed. This troubled her so she asked the Lord why she was so tiny. He answered that it was not because she had become tiny but rather she was her actual, normal size. Rather it was because the angelic beings were so very large. When the visions were taken into higher realms of heaven she found there things so much mightier and grander that she disappeared altogether and became quite insignificant and of no importance whatsoever. Yet this caused neither fear nor discomfort for she lost none of her abilities to know, feel, understand or participate.
Always when she would come out the Lord would give her a special brief portion of scripture for her to study.


Her first introduction to the angels - whom she calls THEM- was according to the following manner early in June of 1970.
The Lord called me to take time alone with Him. I obeyed Him and as I was praying I suddenly saw a group of angels coming towards me with Jesus in their midst. They were very large and I saw myself very tiny before them. But much larger by far than the angels was Jesus. I saw them; they were extremely large and oh, so beautiful, with beautiful wings but at rest. All were identical. They were all dressed with a cloth that appeared to be woven out of pure light. It shone with great brilliancy, irradiating light, shining and glorious. They moved so smoothly with a most delightful harmony and grace and were so sweet and so submissive. These angels had faces somewhat in the likeness of men but not exactly, being indescribably different and so much purer and nobler. Jesus also was dressed in a robe of light like theirs but much brighter. I saw nothing to frighten me nor to cause any unpleasant reaction although all was so different and unexpected. The hands and feet of the angels were absolutely lovely, delicate and beautiful. They expressed love and joy to me both in tender looks and in the very presence of them.
During all this time I felt covered, absolutely covered with love pure, warm and glowing all within me. it was like a fire that would consume itself in me. Jesus was talking to them and I listened and they listened. They did not talk to me this time. Jesus talked to me and I understood everything He said. They listened and laughed but I could not remember anything. Then He suddenly returned me to my self and I was lying on the floor feeling all warm and aglow with the warmth of His Presence still upon me.


A few days later still in early June she was in prayer and again suddenly she was THERE. They were coming towards her and Jesus was coming in their midst. When they surrounded her she was in much fear. Jesus spoke to her and said, "Don't fear!". These words produced a great peace within her. She was weeping extremely and thought within herself that she was losing her mind. Again Jesus spoke to her saying, "Peace". Suddenly all the disturbing thoughts passed from her and she found herself at His feet weeping greatly. She continues:
He was sitting close beside me and I felt again that strange glow of love begin to cover and fill me with glory and sensations beyond words. I felt a great shame at being there and being so utterly unworthy to be there. Something seemed to push me closer to Him and I felt such a keen desire to touch His feet. I continued weeping much, but weeping now out of pure love and adoration that flowed out to Him. He told me that He was going to teach me many things in this manner. Then I took courage and expressed my desire and asked permission just to touch His feet. He smiled so sweetly at me with a smile I cannot describe and said, "Yes, you may". So I just moved over a little closer and touched His feet as I buried my face upon them. Oh, that touch! It was like a mighty impact almost unbearable but so glorious. Like a mighty current of electricity flowing through me. I began to feel like a little pat of butter on a hot fire, as though I were being consumed. But at the same time I was not consumed.
Later the pastor asked me if I had seen the wounds in His feet. But I hadn't seen them because I was weeping too much to see anything. Neither could I speak a word nor even think anything. He began to speak much to me telling me how much He loved me and that I need not have any fear. That I was to draw near to Him very often and that this was not going to be the last time that I would be given to see Him but that in this manner He was going to teach me during this time. I was most conscious that all the angels were watching me but I did not look at them any more. And them He returned me to my room once more.


When I went into prayer on the 24th of June with a special request on my heart, I was suddenly in the Spirit as at other times. But this time in much fear and anguish of spirit, for my pastor had suggested that I ask the Lord to show me His cross. I was afraid that it would be asking too much and that He would be displeased and not answer me. But Jesus said, "This request is from me because I have desired to show you these things." Although I was both ashamed and afraid at these words, He calmed my fears and told me to look.
At first I found myself weeping greatly and pained, feeling the sensation of death about me. I had the inner sense and knowledge that I had been transported back in time to the time of the crucifixion. I felt the anguish and pain and sensed that I was actually participating in that very happening of His death, as if I, too, were dying in deep, intense pain though not in the physical. Rather as though it were a terrible pain of love. He was there before me with all of His angels and I wept much for I felt in that moment much agony. Neither could I look at either Him or at them.
Second, being in this agony, I saw before me His body all destroyed and terribly mutilated. His heart was exposed before my eyes with His side a gaping wound. The part of Him most terribly and horribly wounded was His heart. So tortured. So destroyed. So mutilated. Yet it was still beating. His body was not upon the cross but laid out before me. With all these terrible wounds His heart was still beating.
I saw that His heart greatly overflowed with mighty love that was far beyond words to tell. I could see this mighty love flowing and flowing forth from that horribly wounded heart. I felt that this love and this terrible suffering became fully identified with my own person or being. This love was tremendous, powerful and intense, passing by far the ability of even understanding it. As I beheld and was identified with Him feeling the keen pain and deep sorrow of it all, I saw His heart suddenly stop beating. This Beautiful Being died. This tremendous love stopped flowing. This being so loving and so filled with love was no more. This caused to exist in my inner being an exceeding pain, perturbation and grief. I seemed to die with Him. And now the stopping of that heart deeply perturbed me. All that love stopped flowing and it seemed that all the world stopped with it. Never in all my whole life, not even when I tried suicide, had I felt such pain and deep anguish. Agony! Pain! Horror! Anguish of spirit! All seemed to be over.
Then suddenly I found myself in a third scene. Someone said that I need not feel this pain and desperation any longer because He was with me. Suddenly He was there before me glorious and alive and strong. He drew near to me and as He drew near all the anguish and pain left. I felt as if His glorious being seemed to settle down over me and cover me with His love. Joy deep, strange and glorious filled me to overflowing, filling all the place of anguish and pain. There returned to me all the full, deep security that He lived. Peace flowed forth from His glorious PRESENCE. He spoke to me saying that never more would I feel the pain of death. Never again would I have to pass through death as this time. I knew then that I had been identified with Him in His death, so was I now identified with Him in His life. That wonderful heart of love over which I had so grieved was now alive and would never die again.


On the 21st of July, I was given to enter the realms of the Spirit once again. The first sensation was of a most endearing sweetness that surrounded me. Before me and even under my feet was a pathway of pure celestial light that stretched way out before me to the limit of my view. It was like a ray of purest, harmonious light, like those rays that emanate from His own person. This pathway was just my own size for I am very tiny in that world. This pathway of light, long but wide, just wide enough for me alone, crossed a deep and terribly dark abyss. The deep darkness which bordered both sides of this pathway of light was frightening. I was most conscious of its being there below me, knowing within myself that it was an evil place. However, I did not feel insecure but very protected because on both sides of the pathway and arching up over the top like a covered bridge were great, shining, beautiful angels. They lined the pathway and made a tunnel for me of their bodies of light. They were the most beautiful angels I had yet seen. They reached up so high I could feel their kindness, goodness and tender love covering me.
The path of light with the bright shining of the many angels made a tremendous way of light through all that darkness outside and below me. I was so covered that I could not even see that great, dark abyss below me. I do not even know how I knew it was there, but I was keenly cognizant of its terrible waiting below me. I felt neither fear nor weariness as I walked that way. On ahead of me, I could see Jesus. He was not by my side in the pathway but was on ahead of me.
As I walked, I felt so literally covered by love and sweet peace as those heavenly beings shined forth on me. This path of light was of real substance, of the substance that things are made of there. Though it was light, it was tangible and substantial, and I could feel it under my feet. It was not like a ray of light, but was light in substance. It was a living light, for nothing there is dead nor inert. All things are living. This pathway was a living light and it was very beautiful.


I was again permitted to enter into the Spirit, and I found myself with Jesus and all of His angels. His love covered me as ever and this time He showed me directly, His wounds. Oh, they were so terrible. But even though they were great, ugly, painful wounds, they SHONE FORTH RAYS OF LIGHT like living jewels in His hands and feet. He showed me them as if they were His glory and His pleasure, not His shame or His pain. And the love in me for Him was so great, it was like great pain. Then He told me to look and as I did, I saw off in the distance another Jesus, like a complete twin of this lovely Person at my side. This other Jesus - which I realized was the same Jesus but another manifestation of Himself that He was showing to me was very clearly visible and was suspended in the air.
He seemed full to overflowing with great, mighty POWER. Oh, how powerful He was! Up until now, He had been so tender, sweet and loving, gentle and kind that I had never realized His greatness and power. He drew out from His being, even from all parts of His great shining body, tremendous rays of pure power like mighty lightning flashes only more powerful, much more prolonged and much brighter. These He discharged in all directions sending them forth as mighty surges of power. It was so impressive and so astonishing. His power was so immense. Then I began to realize how glorious but how awful also is Jesus. Then the Jesus at my side spoke to me and said I was to carefully keep all the things He had given to me and was yet to give me so that nothing be lost.

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